OneSong – Many Flavors

My job: bake delicious biscotti; your job: choose a favorite. 

Almond – a traditional Italian medley of almonds and orange, wonderful with cappuccino or gelato.

Chocolate Chip Walnut – a delicious riff on the classic American cookie – semi-sweet chocolate and walnuts with a touch of espresso.  Great with milk or vanilla gelato.

Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan – a symphony full of dried cranberries, pecans and white chocolate with a hint of orange, proof that cranberries are not just for Thanksgiving.

Cherry Hazelnut – an aria of dried cherries and hazelnuts touched with a splash of Frangelica for a rich, nutty flavor, my personal favorite.  Delicious with espresso or a glass of chianti.

Macadamia White Chocolate – a refreshing tune of crunchy macadamia nuts and sweet white chocolate with a hint of lemon.  Incredible with a glass of lemonade.

Pistachio Lemon – a harmony of pistachios and Limoncello infused lemon zest for a taste of Italian sunshine.  Excellent with a cup of tea.

Blueberry Lemon – a lyric from the pistachio lemon biscotti with no nuts and the addition of blueberries.  Wonderful with a glass of iced tea or Pinot Grigio.

Bourbon Maple Pecan – a seductive rhythm in which the leading note is pecan, followed by maple and bourbon and then back to the pecan.  Totally adult and totally decadent!

Rose Water Cardamon Pistachio – an elegant ensemble of flavors – pistachios, spices and a hint of rose water for an exotically delicate biscotti.  Pair it with a glass of prosecco – incredible!


Don’t see a flavor you like?  Contact us to discuss a custom flavor – minimum order 2 dozen.

“The Rosewater Cardamon Pistachio tastes like heaven, if heaven had a flavor!”