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Many people have asked where does the name OneSong Biscotti come from?

Whenever I’m baking, time stops and I am in the flow, in the one song of the universe, connected to memories of baking with my Nonna (grandmother) and mother, one with the flavors and in tune with creating.

I started baking as a young girl taught by my Nonna and mother.

Baking biscotti brings me back to heartwarming memories of baking with them. Memories of good food, laughter and warm feelings. I hope to share those feelings with you through our biscotti.

The one memory that stands out.

When I was about 7 years old, I loved to read and my greatest joy was my weekly walks to the Hartford Public Library with my brother and mother to pick out books.  One day I hit the jackpot – a cookbook for children!  I had been begging my Nonna, who lived with us,  to teach me to cook and she kept saying no – that I was too young.  I brought the cookbook home and read it from cover to cover. I decided I would make scrambled eggs.

So the next morning I read the recipe at least three times, wrapped myself in my mother’s apron and took out the ingredients and utensils. My heart was filled with joy and daring.  I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t hear Nonna come in.  Her voice boomed – “What are you doing!” (Even at 4’11”, she could speak loudly if necessary.)  I took a deep breath and said – “I’m cooking scrambled eggs.”  Her reply – “From a book?!”  Mine – “Well, if you won’t teach me to cook, I have to learn from a book.”  My heart was beating so fast!  Nonna said “Put that book away and I’ll show you how to cook.”  And she did, from that morning on she shared her recipes and know how. And so began my love affair with cooking.

I love creating new flavors of biscotti 

So many inspirations! I love reading cookbooks and at times a different flavor combination will spark my interest and I’ll experiment with a new flavor biscotti.  Sometimes this works like our Lemon Pistachio Biscotti and sometimes it doesn’t – as in the five spice attempt.  Sometimes a friend will give me an ingredient and ask me to make a biscotti around it.  My brother-in-law makes maple syrup in Litchfield and suggested using it in a biscotti.  The result – Maple Walnut Biscotti.  I continue to purchase the maple syrup for these from him.

Our newest flavor is Rose Water Cardamon Pistachio.  The inspiration for these came from a trip to Tulsa my husband, Terry, and I took for my niece Emily’s wedding.  Many of the restaurants had something with rose water in it – from hot chocolate, to salad dressing to rice!  I started imagining a rose water biscotti and pistachios came to mind.  Several attempts were made with different spices and the result – a rose water pistachio biscotti with hints of cardamon, ginger and nutmeg. Enjoy!

It’s an honor and a joy to bake biscotti for you.

All the best,

Maria Eberle
Founder, OneSong Biscotti

“OneSong Biscotti are delicious and moist, yet with the perfect bit of crunch and wonderful with a cup of tea or milk! You can taste they are made with love. I highly recommend!”